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Cracking Easter Deal from eMagicOne

Easter is on its way! This is a big occasion that allows you to get a good deal for must-haves. Keeping with this tradition, many e-savvy deal hunters have already started looking around for freebies and amazing products at attractive prices.

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Cracking Easter Deal

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Happy Easter!

May your Easter basket be full of joy, happiness and pleasant moments! Keep safe and have a good holiday!

Get A Perfect Match for Your Magento This Valentine’s Day

Dear customers,

As the day to celebrate love gets closer, we wish your life to be full of love and joy, kindness and tenderness!

Software Made With Love

eMagicOne loves you and we all work hard to make you happy. We develop our Magento extensions with care and do our best to make your lives easier with our software.

If you did not have the chance to experience this, give a try to our Magento solutions and you will definitely fall in love with them!

Deal That Will Win Your Heart

This romantic event has also inspired us to make this day brighter with a special gift:

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A Perfect Match

Don’t wait for cupid’s arrow, get perfect extensions that match for your Magento store this Valentine’s Day.

Here is what you can choose from:

  • Store Manager for Magento - to manage your store easier than ever before and be one step ahead of competitors.
  • QuickBooks Integration - to ease accounting syncing between Magento and QuickBooks with a few clicks.
  • eBay Integration - to sell more creating lists at eBay auction without recurring fees.
  • Amazon Integration - to join world famous marketplace Amazon directly from your Magento.
  • PDF Catalog Creator - to create colorful printable catalogs and lookbooks with your products to send to clients or partners.
  • IceCat Integration - to enrich your goods with high-quality images and detailed descriptions from Open or Full IceCat catalog.

So treat your yourself! Because eMagicOne software will be a perfect Valentine for your Magento.

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Offer Details

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Magento to Amazon Integration Addon Became More Functional

A bunch of new features and improvements have been implemented into the new version of Store Manager’s Amazon Integration Addon. Find out new possibilities of Magento to Amazon integration and take advantage of the increased functionality of the module.

Enhanced version of Amazon Integration addon (v. is compatible with Store Manager for Magento starting from version In order to update the module, you have to update Store Manager first.

Using new features of the addon you can:
  • Handle Amazon product listings;
  • Track recently accomplished operations;
  • Schedule and perform tasks;
  • Set shipping methods in the process of products synchronization.

Besides, new version of Magento to Amazon Integration addon provides you with:

Improved products mapping management

Now mapping will be based on the values priority and availability and all the fields to be mapped can be selected at one stroke. Besides, newly added items to product listings can be automatically assigned to the existing ones.

Improved category management

You can use category search filter (either when adding new products to listings) and view the list of suggested categories.

Improved orders management

All orders list can be uploaded using orders grid paginator (one page treated as one request);

Extended product export capabilities

You can choose from what field to export product quantity. Besides, it can be exported to specific rules.

New authorization method implemented

From now on Amazon Integration module requires its users to log into it by inputting MWS (Marketplace Web Service) AuthToken. This token is used to give the developer access to your account (for example, make the account accessible for eMagicOne). Read more on how to get an MWS AuthToken here.

Find the full list of improvements here.

Try the renewed version of Magento to Amazon Integration module and take advantage of the wide arsenal of instruments now!

Magento 2: Get Product IDs Exported to CSV

Need to export from your Magento 2 products with IDs to CSV file? Generally, for inventory management inside Magento, like different catalog updates, SKU is used as unique product identifier. So necessity to get CSV with Magento entity IDs usually emerges in special situations, for instance, when you want to integrate with some third-party system or management solutions.

Magento 1 VS Magento 2 Export Product IDs

In Magento 1 there was included the possibility to do the task with Dataflow profiles export. Magento 2 Export/Import is deprived of the default functionality to get the list of product IDs.

magento 2 export ids

Naturally, if you have enough tech background, you can retrieve all of products via API or create some custom script to accomplish the task. If you do not have idea how to cope with it, in this tutorial I will show you the way to do it without changing Magento core files or hiring a developer to assist you.

The easiest and the most common approach is CSV export. Yes, it was mentioned above that it is not possible using out-of-the-box export means, that it why it is necessary to expand default functionality with enhanced possibilities using extension.

Store Manager for Magento app is a perfect solution for that. Why? It works equally good with both Magento 1 and Magento 2, does not require to be installed on your shop as you can connect remotely and the best thing is that you can use all the features of the software free for 14 days without limitations.

Get File Containing Magento 2 Product IDs Using Store Manager!

Select Collection of Products With IDs to Be Exported

The application includes wide management possibilities, so you can make use of advanced filters to receive a collection of all products IDs, get those of products from particular category, retrieve goods IDs associated with configurable, bundle or grouped products, etc.

magento 2 export entity ids

Export IDs Along with Other Necessary Product Details

Store Manager for Magento allows to decide what columns you want to include in the output export file. So apart from the collection of product IDs, you can also export necessary product-related fields, like SKU, name, category, some specific attributes, prices, quantity etc.

To select data to be exported simply drag necessary column from the left and drop them to the right pane of the window at the following step:

magento 2 export entity ids and skus

Automate Magento 2 CSV Export to Make It Regular

In case export of product IDs and related details is not one-off occasion, it is a good idea to automate the procedure and make it running without your involvement each regular period of time. This is especially true in case you need CSV with products IDs for integration with external systems.

Store Manager for Magento has built-in AutoExport functionality that allows to set up scheduled task without special efforts. You just need to configure export settings once and indicate when exactly and how often your further exports should be performed.

magento 2 export ids automatically

Export Product IDs from Magento 2 Store to CSV FREE!

Google Increases Meta Description Length

Meta description comprises the key information placed on a web page. It is aimed to help users understand if such content would be interesting and useful for them. Nevertheless, most content managers use meta descriptions (or snippets) not only to let users know if their websites contain information they searched for, but also to entice them to click on their page link and get higher rank in search results list.

Previously Google snippet limit made 160 symbols. Recently it was announced to have increased to 230 characters:

“We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average.”

What are the grounds of such alteration?

Google explains the change by the increased effectiveness of more informative snippets. Small meta description contained only those words or phrases, that are often typed in the search field. It was used more likely to make a person visit a website, but not to describe the core of this or that article, especially, if the content was commercial and could persuade the reader make a purchase.

The increased meta description length has probably its own pros and cons. On the one hand, it gives a better insight to an article and seems to be more helpful for a user. Besides, it provides more space for a content writer to use more catchy phrases and call to actions. But on the other hand, a person would not necessarily like to spend time reading through dozens of long snippets. In fact, he or she is more likely to look for the shortest ones containing the phrase they are searching for. Though this seems to be wrong and even more time-consuming, but so is our nature - we can’t stand wasting time doing things we consider unnecessary.

Do I need to change my previous page snippets and use longer ones from now forth?

It depends on your content type, your goals and own suggestions concerning the issue. Delivering too much key information in meta description you can relieve a user from the necessity to visit your page with no benefit for you. However, short snippets with no clear explanation of the content will probably be bypassed. So the best decision is presumably to try to find the golden middle making your meta descriptions both informative and catchy.