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Make Magento Product Prices End in .99

Lots of Magento stores have nice-looking pricing on their products, like "9.99", "204.95" and so on. These smart prices make buyer misjudge the real value of the product, giving the physiological feelling that the price is lower, even though the difference is minimal.

This pricing technique is often called ‘left digit effect’, where customers tend to ignore cents on the right and it subconsciously convinces them to round price down to the total value they see on the left.

How to Set Smart Prices in Magento?

That's easily done as well if you enter prices manually, but let's say if prices in database are daily updated using file from supplier, not all the prices there might look nice for the eyes. Manually checking each product’s price one-by-one and adjusting them to be "presentable" might take considerable amount of time.

Since there is no way to perform operation with default Magento means, you avoid tedious updating prices using Store Manager for Magento application. This is multi-functional desktop solution and one of its capabilities allows rounding and modifying product prices in bulk with a few clicks.

Try price adjusting FREE via Store Manager without obligations!

Make Magento Prices End in Closest 0.99

With Store Manager for Magento we can make massive price modifications to a bunch of selected products with the help of Multi-Editor tool built-in the application.

The only condition is that goods should belong to the sale attribute set.

To adjust Magento prices the steps will be as follows:

  1. Select goods to adjust prices for (from the same attribute set, as was mentioned above). You can use powerful filtering possibilities of Store Manager for Magento.

  2. magento filter products by attribute set

  3. Open Multi-Editors -> Product Multi Editor window from products grid or context menu.

  4. magento edit prices massively

  5. Navigate to Prices tab (or Product Details tab if you use Magento 2) and find ‘Price’ field. Next to it you will see sell with “Expression” caption. Click at the button with three dots to open Expression editor.

  6. magento adjust prices formula

    Expression is the formula that allows you make bulk modifications with the help of various functions. In Expression editor you will see examples of most widely used expressions and useful hints to create formula and check if it is correct.

    We can apply the ROUND function to round a price (as they are usually different) and make it end with .99. To do this you need to use the following formula -

    ROUND([ATTRIBUTE(price)]) - 0.01
    magento prices end 99 formula

  7. Press Ok and tick “Update” box next to price field you modify. After that you will see process logs.

  8. magento edit multiple prices

  9. Check the results.

magento price update logs

95 Versus 99: Choose Price Delta for Adjustment

Another point that may have crossed your mind: why do some companies use .99 and others use .95? Well, this is absolutely individual. Find what works best for you. It’s a good idea to run AB testing to check and see which pricing and discounts trigger your customers to purchase the most.

Try changing some to .99 and see how your customers respond. Then make prices end .95 and then compare results.

By the way, for prices to end .95 the price delta will be 5, so the formula is the following:

ROUND([ATTRIBUTE(price)]) - 0.05
magento price delta

Test out different techniques from time to time to see if your customers’ purchase behaviors change.

Make Your Magento Prices Attractive in Seconds!

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How to Create Magento Layered Navigation Filters and Simplify Site Search

Customers, browsing your online catalog, are likely to leave it, if they can’t easily find items they are looking for. Whenever your store is abundant in categories and products, it might be time-consuming process to access desired merchandise instantly.

Being a store owner, you should always keep one step ahead to respond to customers’ needs and ensure positive shopping experience. This can easily be fulfilled via Magento layered navigation, as one of the most convenient search tools.

magento layered navigation filters

What is Magento Layered Navigation?

Magento layered navigation is a facility that allows to configure product filters on storefront and makes product search more flexible. It displays at category page and when customer clicks on certain criterion, items matching this criterion within certain category will instantly display in results.

You can add filters by product categories, price range and any Magento attribute in layered navigation.

Setting Up Layered Navigation Filters

1. General Settings

  1. Navigate to System->Configuration->Catalog section in the Admin panel.
  2. Expand Layered Navigation menu and specify the following:
    • Display product count - this option allows to display number of products beside each filter option, so that customers will see how many items exist for each attribute, available in the layered navigation.
    • Price Navigation Step Calculation - this option lets classify the products by price in the navigation. There are three options - Automatic (equalize price ranges), Automatic (equalize product count), Manual. The first two methods allow to calculate ranges automatically, when manual method requires you to set price intervals.

magento layered navigation settings in admin

2. Category Settings

Layered Navigation in Magento depends on category settings. First you have to make the category anchor. Anchor category incorporates products that are assigned to it and all the subcategories. To make the category anchor, proceed with the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Catalog->Manage Categories in the admin panel.
  2. Select the category, Magento layered navigation filters should be available within.
  3. Open category in edit mode.
  4. Switch to Display Settings tab, and set ‘Is Anchor’ option to ‘Yes’.
  5. Save category updates.

magento layered navigation settings in admin

3. Attribute Settings

In order to display attributes in Magento layered navigation you have to configure their properties as it is outlined below.


Attributes of input type ‘Dropdown’, ‘Multiselect’, ‘Price’ can be used in layered navigation for product filtering
  1. Use in Layered Navigation - select ‘Filterable (with results)’ or ‘Filterable (no results)’ in this dropdown.
  2. Use in Search Result Layered Navigation - choose ‘Yes’ in this dropdown.

magento attribute in layered navigation settings


If you have included some attribute in layered navigation and marked it as ‘Filterable (with results)’ but no product in the category has its value assigned, the attribute and assigned value will not display in the layered navigation at all.

If you have marked the attribute as ‘Filterable (no results)’, its values will display in the layered navigation with 0 result even if no product has these values assigned.

If you need to bulk assign attribute values to products and display these Magento attributes in layered navigation you can easily fulfill this task with Store Manager for Magento -

Magento layered navigation simplifies user browsing and saves time on product search. If your site keeps immense number of products, creating easy navigation filters is a must-have.

How to Export Magento Attribute Sets to CSV [Video]

Magento attribute set is actually a collection of attributes used to create certain range of products. Having diverse product catalog, you would definitely set multiple attribute sets and moving to another Magento shop, you might need to transfer them to .csv.

magento export of attribute sets

The video below demonstrates how to easily adjust export settings and get feed with necessary attribute sets in several clicks only.

Magento admin does not provide export functionality for attribute sets, but this task can be easily accomplished with Store Manager for Magento and its export wizard. In order to export attribute sets with all associated attributes, you are supposed to configure settings via the wizard.

  1. Open Magento attribute set export wizard.
  2. magento export of attribute sets

  3. Select 'Export' action on the first step.
  4. Specify path to the file, attribute sets will be stored in.
  5. Indicate what attribute sets should be pulled out to .csv: all existing attribute sets, filtered or selected at the moment Magento attribute sets.
  6. magento export of attribute sets

  7. Set file delimiters on the following step or leave default ones.
  8. Preview data to be exported and choose after export actions.

Related tutorial on Magento attribute set export is available by this link -

Use Store Manager for Magento to make data management more approachable and perform tasks quicklier.

Magento 2: Configurable Product Price Calculation. What’s Changed?

The advent of Magento 2 is associated with notable changes, starting from software architecture to completely redesigned backend. Whenever you have just started to deploy Magento 2.x versions or explore its functionality from the day renewed versions appeared, you come across different, compared to Magento 1.x, logics.

One of these multiple shifts refers to Magento 2 configurable products price settings. Comparing to Magento 1.x, its successor boasts of new approach to configurable product price handling. In a next few lines of this tutorial, we’ll cover this difference and explain how to price configurables in Magento 2.

Configurable Product Price Calculation in Magento 1.x

When you create configurable product in Magento 1.x, it does not matter what price you specify for associated simple products, since their prices are completely ignored. Instead, you need to set price mark-ups for configurable attribute values (super attribute) if some selection should cost more and some should be cheaper.

magento superattribute price

Super attribute is defined as Magento product attribute, on the basis of which configurable product selections are created. In other words, this attribute stands for characteristic, the product vary by (color, size, material).

Whatever price value you add for simple associated products, configurable product price will override associated product price. If super attribute values have mark-ups, it will be added to configurable product price.

magento configurable product at frontend

Detailed tutorial on Magento super attributes is available by this link - What Are Magento Super Attributes? How to Add Super Attributes?

How to Set Price for Configurables in Magento 2.x

The notion of Magento super attribute price became a thing of the past. Magento 2 does not calculate price mark-ups on the basis of super attributes (Magento configurable attributes). Now configurable product price is absolutely ignored, only associated items cost is taken into account.

In Magento 2 each of associated product has its price and this price displays at the frontend when customer selects options from dropdown. Simple product prices override main configurable product price.

When creating associated simple products via admin generator, you can set different prices for them by one of the attribute. When you select this attribute, there will appear price boxes for each of attribute value you selected on previous step. As you can see at the screenshot below, we have chosen color to differentiate prices and input cost for each of values.

price of configurable products in magento 2

After generation completes, you can view prices of associated products.

By default the lowest price if shown at the storefront. For example, the lowest price in our case have blue belts ($11). When visitors open product page, they see $11 as product price. Although Magento 2 configurable product price will change, depending on combination of attribute values, customer selects.

magento 2 associated product price

Magento offers you also to set identical price for all selections. If you assign already existing simple products, they most likely have the prices specified.

If you need to massively set absolutely different prices for Magento products variations, consider Store Manager for Magento. It allows to edit associated simple product price within generator or via import.