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Renewed Magento Amazon Integration Addon is Available in Beta Version!

Good news for Magento store owners!

We are constantly working on improvement of Store Manager software and addons are not the exception.

eMagicOne team is happy to announce the renewed BETA version of Amazon Integration that has just been developed.

magento amazon integration module

Integrate your Magento-based store with one of the world’s biggest marketplaces: export products, synchronize existing ones from your online store to Amazon, process orders to expand your business and increase the circle of potential clients.

You can download renewed Beta Amazon Integration version of the addon following this link - Download Magento Amazon Integration addon.

Current Amazon Integration Beta version is compatible with Store Manager starting from version If you are using older version of Store Manager, than it is specified and want to update Amazon addon to the version, you have to update the application first.

Important note

Before the update, we recommend you to backup all Amazon Integration files to some local folder in case you need to roll back to older version of the addon. You need to save the following details:

  1. AmazonIntegration.dll file (to find it, navigate to C:\%ProgramFiles% \eMagicOne\Store Manager for Magento\Plugins\)
  2. AmazonIntegration folder (can be found in c:\Users\%username%\appData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\)
  3. amazon_integration folder (go to c:\Users\%username%\appData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\LocalMySQLData\data\)
  4. Use Database Backup/Restore option to create backup of the tables, related to Amazon Integration, namely sm_amazon_categories and sm_amazon_products tables.
  5. magento amazon integration module

Let us take a closer look at the list of new features and improvements this Beta version delivers to Magento users


  1. Product listings have been added in current version of Amazon Integration.

  2. magento store manager amazon integration

  3. The log list of recently performed operations is now available in this version of the addon.

  4. magento amazon integration logs

  5. The possibility to schedule and execute task has been implemented.

  6. magento amazon integration scheduled task


  1. Now, the parameters of the window are saved after closing the Amazon addon. Correspondingly, the same size of the form is uploaded and used after next opening of the Integration.
  2. The list of suggested categories is now available to use at the step of mapping categories.

  3. magento amazon integration suggested categories

  4. The Amazon category search has been improved with quick search filter.
  5. The possibility to save and load the listing settings has been added.
  6. The placement of Integration elements has been changed. The interface of the addon has been enhanced as well.

  7. magento amazon integration interface

  8. The ability to choose the field to export product quantity from has been added in new BETA version of Amazon Integration addon.
  9. Export quantity of products according to specific rules is available in this version of addon.

Once all of the backups are done, you can proceed to the update following these steps:

  1. Download Amazon Integration installation .exe file on your PC. Proceed with installation steps with a special setup wizard. It is recommended to close Store Manager before you continue with further steps.

  2. magento amazon setup wizard

  3. Read and accept Licence Agreement.
  4. Select Store Manager the Integration should be installed on (Store Manager for Magento in your case).

  5. magento amazon installation

How to return back the old version?

There can be reasons why you might want to get back the old version of Amazon Addon you have been previously using. For such case, you should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to Raw Table Editor section accessible in Tools section of Store Manager.
  2. Filter the tables related to Amazon addon among all the available ones.
  3. Highlight the filtered tables and launch to Script to Clipboard/Drop option in the context menu.

  4. magento amazon tables

  5. After that, proceed to Custom SQL tab, paste the tables and press Execute SQL button.

  6. magento amazon expression

  7. Close Store Manager and copy the previously saved old AmazonIntegration.dll file you have been using to C:\%ProgramFiles%\eMagicOne\Store Manager for Magento\Plugins\. Proceed the same way with AmazonIntegration folder to C:\Users\%username%\appData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\ and amazon_integration folder to C:\Users\%username%\appData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\LocalMySQLData\data\.
  8. Restore tables related to Amazon, previously saved in .sql file.

Please, note, that Amazon Integration is running in demo mode by default. This means, that you will be able to export up to 10 items for testing. Find more details on Amazon Integration following this link -

*Amazon Integration is already built in Store Manager software and cannot be used without it. If you do not have Store Manager, try Trial version of the application and check all the possibilities of the addon and other functionality Store Manager offers.

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Limited Support on August, 24th

Dear Customers,

We want to inform you that on Thursday, August 24th, eMagicOne will be providing limited support. If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail.

Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable.

Requests to our help desk, received during that day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Friday, August 25th, when usual support hours resume.

Thank you for understanding.

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Winter is Coming!

Summer almost over, which means that winter is coming. Hmm, ... don’t we still have 3 autumn months ahead?

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Christmas in August

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Limited Support on June 28th

emagicone support hours

Dear Customers,

We want to inform you that on Wednesday, June 28th eMagicOne will be providing limited support.

If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail -
Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable.

Your requests to our help desk received during this day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Thursday, June 29th, when usual support hours resume.

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eMagicOne Turns 5 - Celebrate With Us!

eMagicOne anniversary 5

These days our company celebrates its 5th birthday! This is a significant milestone for us and we are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far!

The History

This is the 5th anniversary of company’s founding, however, we have been in business for more than 15 years.

During that time, we have developed lots of solutions, that made it easier for thousands of eCommerce merchants to manage their stores and grow them to successful businesses.

The Growth

It has been an eventful ride! We had many wonderful achievements over these 5 years and here are some of the highlights:

  • We have developed and maintained more than 10 projects (both desktop called Store Manager and native mobile called Mobile Assistant)
  • Our applications are translated into more than 30 different languages
  • We have written 1000+ useful articles, tutorial and how-tos
  • Received 10,000+ live feedbacks from our clients
  • Grown to serve community of more than 100,000+ active users
  • Updated billions of items using our software
  • Expanded from our development office (Ternopil, Ukraine) and opened HQ located in Plymouth, MN, US
  • Opened outsource department to satisfy the business needs of the most demanding clients
  • Re-designed our sites a few times to improve user experience
  • Our team has also grown through these years and now consists of 45 truly excellent eCommerce experts
  • Finally, we’ve just rolled-out a new service called eScraper that allows you to retrieve data from any website, compare prices, prepare eCommerce-friendly format and more.

The Future

We constantly move forward and work on some new projects to continue to innovate, expand and improve our software. We have more awesome products to reveal to you in the near future, so stay connected!

Thanks for being a part of our family! Without you, nothing of this would have been possible! You give us the confidence to grow and we will do our best to continue providing high quality products and services.