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Store Manager for Magento Turns 10

On May 5th, ten years ago, Store Manager for Magento became available for purchase and was sold to its first user.

It has been a long way, full of passionate teamwork, hard moments and their overcomings, drawbacks and numerous feature request implementations. Through all these years we have been guided by the striving to make Store Manager for Magento as useful and easy-to-operate as possible.

Store Manager for Magento community has reached thousands of users and our team would like to thank all of those who took part in this 10-years journey with us! Your feedback has always been our main motivator and inspirator!

Let's refresh the most important Store Manager achievements implemented during the last 10 years:


  • Multi-Source Inventory support (bulk source details change; import/ export of sources)
  • Data Integrity section in Store Diagnostics


  • Tier Price Multi Editor
  • Product search by category attribute
  • Import of orders from Amazon to Magento
  • Category selection during related products generation


  • Automated import/ export of custom options
  • SMTP support
  • Product videos addition to Media Gallery
  • Import/ export of cart rules
  • Related Product Generator
  • Receipt till printing


  • Orders import
  • PDF Lookbook integration
  • Magento Store Manager Connector
  • Order export to XML, HTML and XLS
  • Export of product varieties to eBay
  • Automated product export


  • Possibility to move products from category to category by drag-n-drop technique
  • Order statistics in Abandoned Carts
  • Image preview
  • Configurable swatches support
  • Possibility to map Magento products with Amazon ones by UPC, EAN, ICEcat code identifiers


  • Two more store diagnostics types
  • Product assignation by category ID


  • Drag-n-drop of images
  • Possibility to add multiple images to a product at once
  • Import of .XLS, XLSX, .ODS files
  • Orders modifying
  • Abandoned Carts feature
  • Point of Sale feature


  • Automated database backup
  • XML files import
  • Group price support
  • Automatic SQL scripts running


  • Introduction of Standard and PRO versions of Store Manager for Magento
  • USPS integration addon
  • ICEcat Integration addon
  • Automated Product Import tool


  • Orders export to .csv
  • Bulk import/ export of Invoice, Credit Memo, Packing Slip
  • Import/export of custom options
  • Custom reports for products/ customers/ orders
  • QuickBooks integration addon
  • Product data reindex during product import


  • Basic order management possibilities
  • Multi Editor expressions support

eMagicOne team is having a happy time these days and welcomes our clients, partners and community members to celebrate with us!

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