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Magento Store Manager Connector: Readiness Check Error

Readiness Check error during installation of Magento modules is quite a common thing. Luckily, Magento is good in detecting any incompatibilities between the server and an extension including this one. In case of trouble, you will be provided with instructions to quickly solve it.

Store Manager for Magento Connector is not an exception. If you bumped into Readiness Check failure during installation of connector, you should check whether your server and environment are configured in a proper way.

Let's figure out how to fix the problem step-by-step.

First you need to check your existing crontab:

  1. Check if all of the listed PHP modules are installed and enabled.
  2. Uncomment the following line always_populate_raw_post_data = -1.
  3. Set memory limit to 2GB.
  4. Set asp_tags to Off.
  5. Set up cron in the following way:
    1. Log in to your Magento server as the Magento file system owner
    2. Look for the following file: ls -al /var/.setup_cronjob_status
    3. In case the file exists, then the cron has successfully run in the past. If you cannot find it, then Magento is not yet installed or the cron is not running.

    4. Get more information about the cron by inputting the following command:
      crontab -u emagicstoree -e

    If the cron is not configured for a user, you will get the following message: o crontab for magento_user

    The crontab gives you the following details:

    • The PHP binary being used;
    • Magento cron scripts you are running;
    • The location of your cron logs.

    You can find detailed instructions in official Magento documentation.

  6. Check the curl (curl-V) version. In case it is earlier than 7.34, make sure to update it according to these Magento instructions.

Here it is. In case, you have not managed to fix the issue, drop a line to email address or submit a ticket at our support system – and get instant assistance from our Support Manager.

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