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How to Export Magento Attribute Sets to CSV [Video]

Magento attribute set is actually a collection of attributes used to create certain range of products. Having diverse product catalog, you would definitely set multiple attribute sets and moving to another Magento shop, you might need to transfer them to .csv.

magento export of attribute sets

The video below demonstrates how to easily adjust export settings and get feed with necessary attribute sets in several clicks only.

Magento admin does not provide export functionality for attribute sets, but this task can be easily accomplished with Store Manager for Magento and its export wizard. In order to export attribute sets with all associated attributes, you are supposed to configure settings via the wizard.

  1. Open Magento attribute set export wizard.
  2. magento export of attribute sets

  3. Select 'Export' action on the first step.
  4. Specify path to the file, attribute sets will be stored in.
  5. Indicate what attribute sets should be pulled out to .csv: all existing attribute sets, filtered or selected at the moment Magento attribute sets.
  6. magento export of attribute sets

  7. Set file delimiters on the following step or leave default ones.
  8. Preview data to be exported and choose after export actions.

Related tutorial on Magento attribute set export is available by this link -

Use Store Manager for Magento to make data management more approachable and perform tasks quicklier.

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