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Magento 2: Configurable Product Price Calculation. What’s Changed?

The advent of Magento 2 is associated with notable changes, starting from software architecture to completely redesigned backend. Whenever you have just started to deploy Magento 2.x versions or explore its functionality from the day renewed versions appeared, you come across different, compared to Magento 1.x, logics.

One of these multiple shifts refers to Magento 2 configurable products price settings. Comparing to Magento 1.x, its successor boasts of new approach to configurable product price handling. In a next few lines of this tutorial, we’ll cover this difference and explain how to price configurables in Magento 2.

Configurable Product Price Calculation in Magento 1.x

When you create configurable product in Magento 1.x, it does not matter what price you specify for associated simple products, since their prices are completely ignored. Instead, you need to set price mark-ups for configurable attribute values (super attribute) if some selection should cost more and some should be cheaper.

magento superattribute price

Super attribute is defined as Magento product attribute, on the basis of which configurable product selections are created. In other words, this attribute stands for characteristic, the product vary by (color, size, material).

Whatever price value you add for simple associated products, configurable product price will override associated product price. If super attribute values have mark-ups, it will be added to configurable product price.

magento configurable product at frontend

Detailed tutorial on Magento super attributes is available by this link - What Are Magento Super Attributes? How to Add Super Attributes?

How to Set Price for Configurables in Magento 2.x

The notion of Magento super attribute price became a thing of the past. Magento 2 does not calculate price mark-ups on the basis of super attributes (Magento configurable attributes). Now configurable product price is absolutely ignored, only associated items cost is taken into account.

In Magento 2 each of associated product has its price and this price displays at the frontend when customer selects options from dropdown. Simple product prices override main configurable product price.

When creating associated simple products via admin generator, you can set different prices for them by one of the attribute. When you select this attribute, there will appear price boxes for each of attribute value you selected on previous step. As you can see at the screenshot below, we have chosen color to differentiate prices and input cost for each of values.

price of configurable products in magento 2

After generation completes, you can view prices of associated products.

By default the lowest price if shown at the storefront. For example, the lowest price in our case have blue belts ($11). When visitors open product page, they see $11 as product price. Although Magento 2 configurable product price will change, depending on combination of attribute values, customer selects.

magento 2 associated product price

Magento offers you also to set identical price for all selections. If you assign already existing simple products, they most likely have the prices specified.

If you need to massively set absolutely different prices for Magento products variations, consider Store Manager for Magento. It allows to edit associated simple product price within generator or via import.

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