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Magento Inventory Management with Barcode Scanner

Still keep up to default way of Magento inventory update?

If yes, it means that the workflow is the following:

You search for the product, click on it, wait till edit form opens, then you navigate to ‘Inventory’ tab -> do some math and input necessary quantity value -> apply changes -> wait while the product is saved.

Wait! The product was out of stock and you forgot to make it in stock again. So you return -> go to the same location again -> and update Stock Availability - Save. Done? Oh, the product was disabled, so it should be activated again: go to ‘General’ tab -> find ‘Status’ field -> put ‘Enabled’ -> save -> wait will it is saved -> return to product grid -> wait till page loads.

Hold a sec, darn, you’ve edited the wrong product!!! Oh no, and someone has purchased it already...

Well, who hadn't been in this is similar situation updating Magento stock manually? Such cases make stock-checking a pain with Magento. This is definitely not very efficient, especially for websites with high volume of entities on offer.

How to Simplify Magento Inventory Control?

Store Manager for Magento with barcode scanner support is made so you could handle your inventory faster and standardize the product lifecycle using a simple and fast methodology for retrieving and updating products using barcodes.

Update your stocks in one go with the combination of
a barcode scanner, Store Manager and Magento

Quick Product Monitoring and Stock-Checking

Products, stock, and inventory do not stand still. So from time-to-time, you need to detect discrepancies in stock counts. With barcode used via Store Manager you can closely monitor quantity count, scanning a code to quickly find item among a multitude of goods you sell.

magento barcode scanner

Magento Barcode Inventory Update

Whenever you need to update stock levels - be it after a sale, return, stock movement or supplier delivery - you simply scan the barcode and let the software find the necessary item in seconds! The update of quantities will be made with 3 clicks, saving you time considerably.

Moreover, you can use any attribute you have barcode value in for the search if you setup barcode option to handle it as a keyboard in Preferences window of Store Manager.

Editing stock on the fly with barcode scanner you can this way:

  1. Select filter to show all products and enable row filter
  2. Put cursor in column with barcode values and scan the product code
  3. Product will be found you can perform qty corrections

magento barcode inventory

Barcode Labelling: Create&Print

A barcode scanner can save you a considerable amount of time if your products are labeled with a barcode on the packaging. Though what is your products don't come with a barcode label? You can create your own labels using Store Manager!

magento generate barcode labels

You need just to select goods for which you want to generate labels, right click and select ‘Reports -> Barcode labels’. Every product will need its own unique barcode but, unfortunately, you know that the process of generating unique barcodes always seems like a trouble, but not for Store Manager!

With Store Manager you can create labels of the basis various parameters: EAN or UPC to be recognized worldwide,and also SKU or ID for internal usage. Generated labels you can massively print and stick to your product.

Fast Order Fulfillment with Barcode Scanner

Store Manager for Magento includes POS functionality that supports barcode scanner and can be used as cash desk for creating orders offline.

Using the hotkeys and scanning the barcodes, new orders can be added in seconds.

Magento inventory with barcode scanner is much more convenient to handle!

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