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Magento Automated Product Import Gone Free

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free magento automated product import

Driven by these ideas we made a considerable update to Store Manager for Magento application and are thrilled to make an announcements.Since now on Automated Product Import is free built-in Store Manager feature. This change has been introduced in recently released version of Store Manager. Respectively if you download this (or newer) version of Store Manager, you’ll get Magento Automated Product Import registered automatically.

In this way Store Manager v. or newer provides you full access to Magento automated product import functionality. No additional payments are required any more. You are welcome to set scheduled product updates or uploads without any limitations.

If you are using the older (than version of the main application, you need to update to v. (or newer) to take benefit from Magento Automated Product Import functionality free.

Magento Automated Product Import Quick Overview

Automated Product Import is a great tool that enhances Magento data management and fulfills automation of routine daily tasks. Here is the list of advantages you can benefit from:

  • set up numerous independent scheduled tasks, performed at specified time
  • use .csv, .xml, .xls/.xlsx, ods, .txt files for automated import
  • multiple supplier cooperation is being accomplished swimmingly (using local files provided by suppliers, HTTP URLs to the file or FTP paths)
  • on-the-fly data adjustments right in the course of Magento automated product import setup
  • regular catalog uploads and updates help you maintain Magento inventory, imagery, pricing, etc

How Does It Work?

To set up automated Magento product sync you are supposed to cope with several simple configurations:

  1. Create import configurations for automated Magento product sync
  2. Designate scheduled task basing on this configuration
  3. Check import results in Store Manager

In order to access detailed tutorial on automated data import setup, visit this page - How to Perform Automated Product Import

Please note, in order to use Automated Product Import, set scheduled Magento updates or uploads, you should have Store Manager for Magento application installed.

Beside the advantages that relate to batch data uploads, you get access to free Automated Product Export (Beta), since automated import and export functionalities are merged into one addon. Scheduled export feature has been implemented in the latest version ( of Store Manager for Magento.

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