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How to Bulk Add Group Price to Magento Products [Video]

Magento group price is the way to set promotional prices for customers who belong to different groups within your store. Respectively, you can configure as many group prices for each product in the catalog, as customer groups you have. That's why it would be nice doing it in bulk.

magento configurable product price video tutorial

The video tutorial attached below, shows how to assign multiple group prices to products via import.

As we have outlined in the video tutorial you can add prices manually in Magento backend. It might take hours when you have numerous customer groups.

magento price for customer groups

To simplify this process and cut down time spent on it, you can bulk assign Magento group prices with Store Manager for Magento. Having price details specified in the file, as the video shows, you will instantly add them through import in the following way:

  1. Prepare import file that will be used to bulk assign Magento group prices with Store Manager.
  2. Launch the import wizard (from the toolbar or via Tools->Import/Export->Import/Export Products)
  3. Configure import settings within each wizard page.
  4. Check results in Store Manager.

magento price for customer groups

Step-by-step tutorial covering all the steps is available by this link -

Use Store Manager for Magento to make data management more approachable and perform tasks quicklier.

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