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Export Magento Products by Selected Category [Video]

Magento export is the quick way to pull out products and related details to .csv file. You might need to export complete list of merchandise you have or for some reason, transfer products from specific category or categories to .csv.

magento configurable product price video tutorial

The video tutorial attached below, shows how export is run through default Magento export tool and in what way it can be enhanced.

As we have outlined in the video tutorial Magento backend export possesses filters by various fields, for example you can sort products by manufacturer, cost, active from/active to field, icecatcode or some custom attribute. Although there is no category selection and, respectively, you can not retrieve products from certain category before export.

magento export products

To make export more flexible, consider Store Manager for Magento functionality. This solution makes data management more approachable and lets quickly export Magento products from specific category. Here are the steps to be fulfilled:

  1. Select desired category (products should be export from) in Store Manager.
  2. Expand filter dropdown on the product toolbar and opt for 'Show product from selected category' filter option. Only items of selected category will show in the grid.
  3. Choose all the items and launch product export wizard.
  4. Configure Magento export settings within all the steps of export wizard.
To export Magento from specific category, you have selected in Store Manager beforehand, you need to select 'Only selected products' filter on 'Select Products to Export Step'.

choose magento product export filter

Step-by-step tutorial covering all the steps is available by this link -

As it is shown in the video, all the products of selected in Store Manager category, have been listed in the export file.

Use Store Manager for Magento to make data management more approachable and perform tasks quicklier.

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