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Store Manager Connector For Magento 2 is Now Available at Magento Marketplace!

Good news for Magento 2 retailers!
eMagicOne is excited to announce that we are extending the range of our Magento solutions with a new seamless way to connect Store Manager application to Magento 2 database.

Store Manager Connector module for Magento 2 has been verified and is now available for download at the new official Magento Marketplace. The extension has been approved by Magento team as it meets Magento’s high standards for coding, performance, and scalability.

So from now on, merchants can easily setup connection between Store Manager application and their Magento 2 shops directly from the admin panel.

To get more information on Store Manager Connector for Magento 2 and download it, visit

Key Features & Benefits

Store Manager used via Connector, enables users to work offline with Magento catalog, automatically update inventory, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

The key functionalities allow users to:
  • Adjust data using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.
  • Import any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Add orders via POS with barcode scanner (good for offline stores)
  • Automate recurring tasks with schedulers to get up to date
  • Diagnose your store for missing images, broken products, etc and find solution
  • Synchronise with eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks and other systems
  • Create barcode labels for multiple products at once
  • and much more.

Just keep in mind that in order to get the benefits of Connector module it should be used in combination with Store Manager for Magento installed at your computer.

How to Install Store Manager Connector

All you need to do to get started is:

  • Register your account at Magento Marketplace
  • Download FREE Connector module
  • Log in to your Magento Back-end, install the module via Web Setup Wizard
  • Change necessary settings (the same will be used in Store Manager)

The complete step-by-step installation guide you can check here -

And One Last Thing…

We are very excited to see our Store Manager Connector at Magento Marketplace and hope merchants like and make the best use of it.

We are open to comments and would appreciate if you share your feedback in Reviews section of the module.

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