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Magento 2. Where Has Group Price Disappeared?

The advent of Magento 2 is associated with amazing key shopping cart updates and exciting features that make it more scalable and user-friendly. There is also a significant number of changes that are worth highlighting, among which we can distinguish Magento product pricing.

magento 2 group price

Since the time Magento 2 appeared, many store owners come curious to know where group price option disappeared. Indeed, we have completely re-designed product edit form with refurbished tabs and Advanced Pricing settings.

Magento Group Price in 1.x

Traditional Prices tab has been substituted by Advanced Pricing page, which, in comparison with Magento 1.x, does not have Group Price field.

Magento Group Price in 2.x

If Group Price function is no longer there, it is impossible to determine prices based on customer group, you might have come to this conclusion. This is actually not true.

Advanced Pricing configurations in Magento 2 define the conditions for special pricing depending on customer group and website. Magento 2 group price intersects with tier prices and can be set via it.

Adding Magento 2 Group Price

Tier price allows you to set quantity discounts to a member of specific customer group within chosen website or to all customers notwithstanding the group. When customers that belong to this group, visits product page, they are notified about possible discount.

The implementation of tier prices has been amplified and now you can create tier price with quantity 1, what automatically converts it to Magento 2 group price. Let’s configure the one to check how it works.

  1. Navigate to Products->Catalog in Magento 2 admin sidebar, access the product grouped price should be ascribed to and open it in edit mode.

  2. Expand Advanced Settings submenu on the left and switch to Advanced Pricing tab.

  3. magento 2 group price

  4. Click on Add Price button under tier price and specify the following:

    • Website - if you have several websites, select the one Magento 2 group price will apply to;
    • Customer group - expand the dropdown to see all the customer groups you have;

    • magento 2 group price

    • Quantity - specify 1 value in this field;
    • Item price - set Magento 2 group price that will display for shoppers from this customer group at product page
    • magento 2 group price

  5. Press Save button in the upper right corner of the page to save the price settings.
Whenever you need to price the product differently for different customer groups you need correspondingly to designate several group prices, individual for each customer group.
magento 2 group price

Group price is the way we can change the price for individual product depending on customer group looking at this product. You can configure it manually for products you need or add in bulk with Store Manager for Magento application.

Download Free Store Manager and Bulk Add Magento 2 Group Price

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