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Display the Most Recently Added Magento Products First in Category [Video]

Oftentimes having added new products to Magento, you want to display them at the top of category. Top positions guarantee, these products will appear first when customer opens category page and most likely will be viewed by this customer.

display newly added magento products first in category magento video tutorial

The video tutorial attached below, shows how to easily change product position and display newly added Magento products first in category.

Magento Admin lets you change product sort order easily. For that you should navigate to Catalog->Manage Categories, open 'Category Products' tab and set desired position for products. Although no creation date shows in the backend and you can only guess which items are newest.

magento product filtering in admin

Here is another, more efficient method of Magento product sorting, via Store Manage for Magento.

Sorting is accomplished in the following way:

  1. Select category, you want to sort products within, and choose 'Show products from selected category' option.
  2. Click on 'Created' column header to arrange products by creation date - from the ones added recently to those, added earlier.
  3. sort magento products be their creation date

  4. Press 'Sort by grid position' button on the product toolbar.
  5. display newly added magento products first in category

Ready, we have displayed newly added Magento products first in category.

Use Store Manager for Magento to change Magento product position and put the newest items at top positions in the category.

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