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Associating Cross, Up-Sell and Related Items to Multiple Magento Products

Maintaining of Magento upsell, cross sell and related products is crucially important for your online business, since these techniques can significantly boost your sales.

Though with growing number of products, it becomes difficult to associate related items and cross/up-sells throughout your existing catalog, especially when you want to add relations to multiple entities.

How to Add Cross/Upsells and Related Products in Magento

In Magento back-end you need to go to Catalog -> Manage products and open edit form of the product you want to add associations to.

After that open one of the Magento tabs ‘Related Products’, ‘Cross-Sells’ or ‘Upsells’ depending on relations you want to establish.

See ‘No records found’? Do not worry, just press Reset filter button and you will get the list of goods.

You can also use column headings to find necessary products by ID, name, type, attribute set, status, SKU, visibility, price etc.

Tick the boxes next to necessary products and save changes.

In case you need to assign the same products as related or cross/up-sell to multiple products in Magento, it might be tedious to edit one product at a time and perform changes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to select a group of products and perform an action like 'add associated items' in bulk? Such a functionality is not included in default Magento admin panel, though there is an easy way to accomplish it with Store Manager for Magento application.

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One-Page Bulk Products Relations (in Grid)

With Store Manager you can add related products and cross or up sells to selected items directly from lower grid.

Imagine that you have a range of novelties recently added and you would like to link them to other goods of your catalog.

To make this bulk update, select products for which you would like to add related entities by choosing product rows or CTRL+A for the whole list of filtered items.

Next click on Related Products tab of lower grid and press ‘Add’ button. In search form appearing find necessary goods to be added as related. Select them and press Ok to apply.

Now check the results. Move through products list and see that related items were added to all selected products.

The same way you can bulk link cross-sells and up-sells to necessary products.

Import Product Relations

In case you need to pick items to be added to definite goods instead of appending the same cross-sells to all the chosen records, you can indicate relations in the file and import them.

To establish associations it is enough to include in the file SKU and columns for cross, up-sells and related products. For convenience you can also include Product name to quickly recognize the items.

You have just to indicate SKUs for related products separated by comma in appropriate columns. Like this -

When the file is ready, import it via Import Wizard of Store Manager for Magento.

Important settings:
  • Proper delimiter setup for keeping correct file structure

  • Assign of file columns to database fields (they can be auto-mapped in case the headers are the same)

  • Ability to overwrite existing product relations, ticking the boxes corresponding to appropriate options.

Complete import tutorial you can check here -

Increase your sales through cross-selling, up-selling of related products added in bulk!

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