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Make Configurable Product Image Change When Magento Swatch Is Clicked [Video]

Magento swatches is the way to visualize configurable product selections. Configurable attribute swatches gives customers more information than simply displaying colors or other attributes by name. To make swatches display at product page and product image change when specific swatch is clicked, you are supposed to get ready with some settings.

The video tutorial demonstrates how to enhance Magento swatches handling with Store Manager for Magento.

In a next few lines we'll outline how to add Magento swatches to configurable product page and get main image change when customer presses certain swatch.

Before setting up swatches in Store Manager extension, enable them in Magento admin - System->Configuration->Catalog->Configurable Swatches->Enable

1. Load Magento Swatches to /media/wysiwyg/swatches

Store Manager for Magento possesses built-in FTP Swatches Browser that allows you upload swatches to destination folder in several clicks.

  1. Navigate to 'Tools->FTP Swatches Browser'.
  2. Open the browser and choose swatches to be added to '/media/wysiwyg/swatches'
  3. Hit upload button and close the window.

2. Assign Base Images to Each Associated to Configurable Items

  1. Select simple items, that belong to main configurable.
  2. Open 'Image Gallery' tab of the lower grid and click 'Add' button on the toolbar.
  3. Select from local or from FTP folder the image to be assigned to associated product (products) you have selected.
  4. Press Ok to fulfil upload.
  5. Set this image as base for simple products.

In this way you should upload images to all associated products and make them Base. Once you are done, check product page, press swatch and get product image changed.

Try advanced Store Manager for Magento functionality and upload swatches in the easiest way possible.

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