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How to Filter Magento Customers by Ordered Products [Video]

Number of customers, who register at your store and leave orders, is continually growing. Sooner or later you are looking for more flexible ways of customer filtering, by means of which necessary shoppers will instantly be accessed.

How Customers Are Filtered in Admin?

In Magento Admin you can filter customers by grid column headings (name, email, telephone, company), search by specific parameter or get the list of customers registered within some period of time.

What if you need to sort customers by items they have ordered at your store? There is no functionality in back-end for this, though you can go to Orders section, open each order and check what products it contains and customer, associated with this order.

Store Manager for Magento Offers More Convenient Customer Filter

Store Manager keeps all customer records in corresponding Customer section. Analogically to admin, it lets rearrange shoppers pressing column headings, filter by date or sort by ordered products.

We are going to find customers who have ordered "Pearlfusion Shadow Trio" product.

  1. Switch to Products in filter field;
  2. Hit Add button on the toolbar;
  3. Find product via search form;
  4. Click Apply to filter customers;

You can see in the video, the list of shoppers, who have ordered this product, has been displayed in a second. You can check orders, left by this shopper pressing Go to order button in Orders section of the customer lower grid.

Use advanced Store Manager for Magento filters to sort customers by specific parameters or find out the ones, who have ordered certain products at your store.

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