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What to Check If Magento Catalog Price Rules Do Not Apply

Magento catalog price rules feature provides you with an advantageous opportunity to selectively put merchandise on sale basing on some conditions. This is really very flexible way of discount set up, since you can configure numerous conditions, associate cost reductions with certain product category, customer group, attribute, etc. Everything seems to be clear and simple, although it does not always run without a hitch.

magento price rule

Oftentimes store owners claim that created price rule has no effect on product price. Having configured conditions in back-office they find out that Magento catalog price rules do not apply and price is not calculated. If you also have found yourself in such situations and would like to bypass these inconveniences in future, look through things to be checked if price rule does not apply.

Catalog Price Rule Status

There is Status field among Magento catalog price rules details that respectively offers you two selections in dropdown - Active and Inactive. If price rule does not influence price, check whether it has been activated first.

magento price rule

Have You Applied the Rule?

Suppose you have configured the rule and activated it. Verifying shows that this rule does not change price for desired group of products. One more reason of rule inefficiency is that you have not applied it. If you have just created Magento catalog price rules or implemented some modifications, apply them pressing correspondingly Apply Rules button on the toolbar.

Look Through Date Limit

Price rule configuring expects you to determine time period it will be valid within. Leaving it blank means you do not want to set date limitation and rule will work until you deactivate it. Whenever you want to set timeframes, you should select start and end date for this or that catalog price rule in Magento.

Respectively if the day, indicated as start date, have not come yet, price would not be affected by this catalog rule. If current date exceeds the one, provided as final for the rule, prices will not undergo changes.

Customer Group Assigned

Magento catalog price rules can be associated to certain customer groups. It means shoppers, that belong to other groups will not see discounts. It appears that one more reason of price rule inefficiency is incorrect customer group assigning.

Magento Catalog Price Rules Do Not Apply to Configurable Products?

Another malfunction you can stumble upon is that Magento catalog price rules do not apply to associated products, to be more precise it is calculated strangely. The matter is, to get subproduct price change due to Magento price rules properly, you should set Enable Discount to Subproductsfield in Actions tab of price rule settings to YES, choose discount type and value.

magento configurable products and price rule

If discounts for subproducts is not enabled, configurable product mark-up stays the same, though main product price is reduced according to rule. For example high-heel price is $150, but is cut to $75, since we have determined -50% discount through price rule. Selections mark-up remains $10 and total price calculated is $85.

Products Don’t Fall Under Price Rule Conditions

Not infrequently discount is not calculated despite all the settings are specified accurately. The reason is surprisingly straightforward, target items do not match the conditions, you have specified. Check attentively whether you marked conditions as TRUE or FALSE for price rule to be applied. In case you have configured several conditions, selected If ALL of these conditions are TRUE option, and Magento price rule do not apply, most likely desired merchandise do not coincide with conditions combination.

Magento Attribute Disappeared in Dropdown in Conditions

Sometimes you may run into the issue when price rule condition dropdown does not longer display certain attribute, though this attribute had been available in the past.

Attribute is available in condition dropdown if it is marked as applicable. It is configured in attribute settings. Enable attribute editing, navigate to Properties->Frontend Properties and choose YES from dropdown.

magento attribure use for promo


Magento requires a complete reindex of the catalog for the rule to become active. After you create or update the rule, clear your cache and proceed with data re-index (System->Cache Management/Index Management)

Magento price rule may be deactivated by number of reasons, as you can see. Check points enumerated above if Magento catalog price rules do not apply and make price calculated accurately.

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