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Year in Review: Most Read Magento Articles of 2015

As 2015 winds to a close, it is high time to pour over the previous 365 days and summarize what has been achieved within this year. We, traditionally, look back over Magento articles that have been published in 2015 and make the list of ones, that most resonated with readers.

most read magento articles

Being always guided by advanced eCommerce ideas, we dedicate a great deal of time to investigating ever-improving Magento solution. Respectively, there have appeared new posts, dwelling on Magento peculiarities, covering useful practices, tips, tutorials and recommendations.

Below in this review you can find the list of the most clicked articles of 2015, published at our official website or blog Look through short snippets to get an idea of what this or that article is about and continue reading original post by the link available.

How to Import Magento Superattribute Price

Magento is not flexible enough in terms of configurable product price setup. If each of configurable product selections has different price, you are supposed to configure prices manually for superattributes. To cut long story short, you might need the tool for bulk price update. This article comprises extended instructions on Magento import of superattribute prices.

magento superattribute price import

"In order to set Magento configurable product pricing and make it change when specific options are selected at the storefront, you are supposed to accomplish a bunch of manipulations with superattributes. This is really a time-consuming process when your shop is abundant in configurable merchandise. Leave it in the past and resort to more comprehensive method of price management, outlined below..."

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Convert Magento Simple Products With Custom Options Into Configurable

Have product variations created via Magento custom options and look for simple way of their converting to configurables? Surely, it is more convenient to create variations via configurable products to track their inventory and keep stock under control. This post reveals the secret of effortless one-click product converting.

convert magento custom options to configurable products

"Store owners who have chosen Magento as platform for their online stores have at their disposal 2 approaches to allow customers select desired variant of the product without having to browse a number of product pages. They are simple products with custom options and configurable goods to choose color, size, material, design etc.

Why You Might Need to Convert Custom Options into Configurables?

In case you have previously used custom options so customers could select let’s say color and size, but now need to monitor the stock of each combination (the exact blue shoes of size 7), this is only possible with configurable products in Magento..."

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How to Delete Magento Orders

Due to Magento logic, all the orders should be stored in the system. Their removing is possible via scripts or PhpmyAdmin. Although, there is always more approachable way out outlined in this post. That’s why it belong to articles, that have acquired so many views this year.

delete magento orders

"Building site for online shopping, store owners usually perform lots of in-development operations that involve testing if this or that part of the show is ready and working properly. So after you have installed your Magento, established the store catalog with category tree and goods, selected template, you might need to test if payment transactions are working as expected. For that you create a few test orders.

Do you know what you will see in ‘Orders’ section after you launch your site? Your test orders and no ‘Delete Order’ button..."

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Magento 2 Feature List: What Retailers Should Expect

Magento 2.0 official release is a real breakthrough that shook Magento community. Rumours became true and long-awaited Magento 2.0 is accessible for online merchants. So what is inside? Every Magento store owner is filled with curiosity

magento 2

"Magento 2 has officially been announced back in 2010 and its release was planned to be made a year later. Although things changed and it is only this year, in 2015, that its beta version is ready for download, testing and playing around. It’s been a long wait and this delay most likely is explained by the fact that Magento was acquired by eBay, so presumably lots of time and resources were spent on re-organization..."

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How to Upload Magento Swatch Images to Configurable Products

Another novice Magento developers introduced this year is swatch image functionality. Now the picture will change when specific configurable product option is chosen by customer at the frontend. It would be nice to have these things outlined and follow predefined instructions to add swatch images to variations.

Magento swatch images

"Right after Magento 1.9.1 rolled out, talks about Magento configurable swatches captivated the net. This shopping cart version comes with long-awaiting built-in swatch functionality, what provides online sellers with the possibility to improve configurable product display.

What Is Magento Swatch Image?

Formerly configurable product selections were not represented visually and came in dropdowns at storefront. Swatches somewhat enhance catalog visualization and allows to create image-based dynamic configurable merchandise. Having set swatches for configurables, you will get it on the product page instead of plain text in dropdowns, what respectively ensures positive customer experience and lets make the selection simply clicking on desired icon..."

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7 Examples of Most Widely Used Magento Promotions (Price Rules)

How powerful you are with Magento price rules. Discounts can be easily configured by various price rules and conditions within them. Catch ready made price rule samples for instantaneous discount setup.

Magento price rules

"The good practice to attract more buyers and boost your sales is to offer money off. Magento allows to create very basic coupon codes and very specific codes all based on the conditions and buyers actions. These coupon codes are called “Shopping Cart Price Rules”.

Where Shopping Cart Price Rule is Created?

To create new shopping cart price rule you need to open admin panel and navigate to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules and click button create rule..."

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Set Different Prices for Magento Configurable Product Selections

Prices of configurable product selections does not depend on the price of constituents, simple products. This is configured via superattributes. The post includes video tutorial demonstrating how prices of superattributes should be determined in Magento.

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These are articles Magento users have been reading and enjoying on our site and blog this year. We want to thank all our readers who contributed to post creation and left feedbacks. We will do our best to cover actual Magento topics in the upcoming year. If you have some suggestions and recommendations as to future posts, please leave them in comments below.

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