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How to Filter Magento Products by Any Dropdown Attribute Value [Video]

Having large volume of products at Magento store, you would definitely like to have at hand flexible tool for their filtering. Magento admin does not allow you to customize filter and simplify product search. Although you can manage doing this. Watch the video below and discover new way to product filtering in Magento.

Imagine you need to sort product listing by brand to retrieve all the items developed by Samsung. We check "brand" attribute in the back-end, it's a dropdown attribute, having "samsung" among the values.

How Can Be Merchandise Sorted In Admin

You can rearrange products in admin clicking on grid column heading and get them listed in ascending or descending order if you filter by numeric field, for example price, or alphabetically if grid column holds text values. It's possible to find products, inserting required value in corresponding search line under each of column headings. Nevertheless it is not efficient when you need to sort merchandise by specific attribute. You can fall back upon coding to retrieve necessary items quickly, although it requires technical skills.

Here Is the Way You Can Enhance Product Filter

Magento Store Manager allows to filter products by any attribute. Look how it can be done:

  1. Hit "Search" button on product toolbar
  2. Select attribute to search in ("brand" in our case)
  3. Adjust number of products to be shown in results
  4. Select search option
  5. Provide dropdown attribute value in "Text to search" field
  6. Press "Find" button
  7. Search results will display in the field below, in our case, all the items having "samsung" attribute value assigned.

  8. Press "Filter" to add custom filter with these items

Filter now is accessible in dropdown on product toolbar and you can apply it to reach necessary products.

Customize product filter and sort products by any dropdown attribute value you need.

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