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How Social Media Can Boost Traffic and Sales for Your Magento Website

How many times a day you check your FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.? We bet, at least a few!

Social media is now an integral part of almost every person’s day. Taking into account this fact, online merchants have the chance to reach wider audiences, generate more sales and drive traffic by ensuring the presence of their brand and products in social channels.

According to a study by the digital marketing agency ODM Group:

  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions
  • 90% of shoppers trust product recommendations rather than advertisements

What Social Channels to Choose?

Let’s have a look at Google Trends to get the idea about the popularity rate of most widely known social media channels to decide which one to choose.

social media trends

As you can see, FaceBook’s dominance in overall count is really significant as it has billions of active users. However, your business should not end with this network. Multi-channelling usually works better than keeping to single social platform.

If you want to make buzz around your products or brand you can use Twitter, where news spreads really fast. In case you can do engaging images of your goods you can also post them on Pinterest. Visual discovery can impact your potential customers even more that text messages.

The same concerns YouTube. Product overviews and other videos provide clients a better idea on how the product looks like.

New Trend: Social ‘Buy’ Buttons

Another way to get direct traffic and conversion is ‘Buy’ buttons in social networks. This is a new source of revenue from large audiences and lots of store owners are doing a huge mistake ignoring them.

“Even if there is not a critical mass of your customers following you on a particular platform, it can be a valuable opportunity to attract new customers and incremental sales”

(Ken Morris, principal, Boston Retail Partners)

Pinterest rolled out Rich Pins that allow to get more info on the Product Pins, including real-time item pricing, availability in stock, and store address to buy.

Twitter has introduced ’Buy Now’ button for testing first. The button appears inside select tweets from a limited number of retail partners. Twitter is handling order placement/processing and retailers perform their fulfillment.

Facebook has added ‘call-to-action’ button to pages, so you can put ‘Buy Now’ on it and start selling (promote the offer) or use the link to go to website. Additionally, FaceBook group pages have been enriched with ‘Sell Something’ options, so now you can not only share your thoughts with people having similar interests, but also offer them a good deal to buy.

sell of FaceBook

Social Content –°uration (Automated Way)

As you know, Google treats sites with regular updates better and prioritizes them higher. Articles, videos, promotions, news and other related sharings - these are social media activity you have to perform 7 days a week. Buffer Social blog post introduces best practices: Twitter – 3 times per day, or more; Facebook – 2 times per day, at most; Pinterest – 5x per day or more). This in total counts 70 or more posts.

Today there’s really a need for smarter, more targeted social media content management technique. You might need a person or even a team to monitor and create new posts to keep your audience engaged.

According to a study from Duke University, brands spend 9% of their marketing budget on social media (2014). By the end of 2015 this rate is expected to increase to 13% or higher.

Want to spend less time and money on your social media activity? There is the way to automate it. Social Media Auto-Poster for Magento by is social channels curation tool that allows to publish high-quality posts from various sources to your social pages without having to do this manually.

Just install it on your Magento-based website, set it up and smart social assistant will do the rest.

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What other social media tactics have you found to be successful? Share in the comments section.

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