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[Video] Change Simple Products into Virtual in Magento

In case you sell services, warranties and other goods that are never physically delivered to clients, choose Magento 'Virtual' product type. In case you have created the mentioned items as simple products, you have to know that while purchasing it the client has to input unnecessary for this order shipping details.

If you want to eliminate these steps in the checkout, the best way is to change 'simple' products into 'virtual'. In Magento there is no super-easy way to to this, as there is built-in option to edit Magento product type.

So you have to either remove existing items and create them once again with new type or search over the web for solution (piece of code or database tables editing - any of them dangerous for non-tech user).

To avoid manual work or technical tasks, use extension - Store Manager for Magento.

All you need to do:

  • select product type
  • from context menu choose 'Change Product Type'
  • From drop-down select 'Virtual'

This way the type is converted in seconds!

Convert products that don't need to be physically shipped to virtual ones to ease checkout. Do it FREE downloading Store Manager for Magento

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