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Change Magento Products from Simple to Downloadable [Video]

In Magento 'product type' is the thing concerning which you make the decision right when you create product and later on cannot change your mind. There is no simple way to edit Magento product type, except of doing changes in database tables (which is dangerous) or using extension.

If you do not want to take risks and have no special tech skills, we we got the solution for you.

Use Store Manager for Magento software change product type just clicking a button.

Having the list of simple products that should be massively changed to downloadable, you have to perform the following actions:

  • Select products to update in bulk
  • Right-click in context menu and use option - ‘Change product type’ or find the same button in the menu
  • Choose type - Downloadable, press OK

A few seconds and product type was modified. Now you have to include necessary details that actually make this product downloadable, these are files/ links.

After all related info is added, these products have become downloadable

Make use of FREE 14-day Trial Version of Store Manager for Magento

Change Products to Downloadable FREE without efforts or special skills!

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