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How to Install Magento on Localhost Like XAMPP

This step-by-step tutorial will help you install Magento quickly and easily on localhost.

When you install XAMPP - make sure to install "phpmyadmin". Once you have XAMPP installed and running, follow these steps:


  1. Download Magento CE from here (recommended .zip file for Windows)

  3. Extract contents of into this folder:
  4. c:\xampp\htdocs\

    As a result you should have a new folder called "magento":


  5. Now open this URL in your browser:
  6. http://localhost/magento/

    You should see Magento installation page:

    Magento installation

    Agree with terms and click "Continue"

  7. On "Localization" page select preferred options and click "Continue"
  8. On "Database Connection" page you must specify credentials to an existing database. You have to create it manually. This can be done from phpmyadmin (which should be installed along with XAMPP)
  9. Keep the tab in your browser with Magento installation open. Open a new tab and enter this URL:


    You should see phpmyadmin dashboard. In the top menu click "Databases", then type some database name (say magentodb) and click "Create"

    Magento installation

  10. Return to Magento installation tab. Enter the newly created database name, username "root" into database user field and I'd recommend you to enable "Use Web Server (Apache) Rewrites" checkbox. You may leave all other fields as they are and click "Continue".
  11. Magento installation

  12. On the last step you have to enter your name, email and specify what username and password you would like to be used to log into your store backend (administration panel)
  13. Magento installation


  14. That's it! Now you should be able to see your Magento store front by this URL
  15. http://localhost/magento/

    and log into backend using this URL


Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have got any questions, you can ask in comments or in this topic of official Magento forum -


  1. Nice tutorial but I am still facing problem with backend admin password.

    1. Can you please specify what exactly is wrong with your pass? You cannot log in using it? Does it return you any error? Have you tried other browser?