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How to Group Simple Products and Create Configurable Ones From Them

Suppose there is a product, that varies in some characteristic. As for example, the bag is available in several colors. There are five simple products respectively.

We want to group simple products and create configurable with these items as selections.

It is necessary to create configurable product and assign simple ones to it via Admin.

  • configurable and simple products should belong to the same attribute set
  • this attribute set must contain configurable attribute
  • each simple product must have unique attribute value or values assigned

Having created configurable product, one has to link associated simple ones to it. The system offers the list of possible selections, automatically detecting simple products that have configurable attribute attached.

How to automatically generate configurable products and get simple ones assigned to it?

Store Manager for Magento does it in two clicks

  1. Select simple items to generate configurable product from
  2. Choose "Create Configurable Product" option from the context menu
  3. Select configurable attribute
  4. Press OK to confirm generating

Magento configurable products from simple products

Download free trial version of Magento application, generate configurable products having simple items

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