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Convert Magento Simple Products Into Grouped

Sometimes you might need to gather products in set to be shown on one page. Magento allows to do this by means of complex product types. One of them is Magento grouped product.

Grouped Products display several products on single page and the client can choose how many of each item he/she needs of this set. The good example of this product type is furniture. Imagine that you sell separately platform bed, bed frame, headboard, nightstands, dressers etc. The client can browse though your shop and find these items. Though, for for shoppers' convenience you can gather them under one grouped product and offer the potential client the whole bedroom furniture set.

In case you have made your products of Simple type and now want to make them Grouped, this tutorial will be helpful, since Magento does not allow to convert product type out of the box, unless you re-create new products with correct type.

This task may sound complicated, but not in case you use it with Store Manager for Magento software. With this application you will be able to convert product type with a few mouse-clicks and without any coding or manual product adding.

To massively change type for bunch of products you have to do the following:

  • Select goods you need to convert type for
  • Right-click and click 'Change type' or use the same option in the menu
  • In the window appearing you will be able to select new product type, in our case - Grouped
  • After product type was modified, click on the 'Associated Products' tab to link products to be purchased together in this group
  • Use Search to find necessary products
  • Whe selected products are linked to parent, you can view the results

Grouped product is ready for purchase!

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Convert simple products into grouped without efforts!

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