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How to Add Up-sells to Magento Products [Video]

Magento up-sells are items, merchants offers to their customers, as alternatives to currently viewed product. Up-sells are meant to get customers to spend more money purchasing more expensive merchandise.

This is how up-sells are added to products via Admin.

  1. Find a product in the list and enable its editing
  2. Switch to "Up-sells" tab
  3. Click on "Reset Filters" options. Here you get all existing at Magento products
  4. Select up-sells for your product
  5. Apply the changes you have just fulfilled

Up-sells have been added to the product. Let's check product page.

These are up-sells we have just added.

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What if you need to assign up-sells to numerous products?

You may continue assigning up-sells product by product in the way it was just shown or simplify the task with Store Manager for Magento.

Using it you can bulk assign up-sells to necessary products. We are going to show, how up-sells are ascribed to several product listings.

At the moment none of listing has up-sells assigned.

  1. Select the products
  2. Switch to "Up-sells" in the lower grid
  3. Click on "Add" button
  4. Look for products via search form
  5. Select up-sells to be assigned to selected products
  6. Apply changes

Both products have acquired up-sells.

We added up-sells to two products only, but you can do the same for multiple selected items.

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