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Set Up Different Prices for Magento Configurable Product Selections [Video]

We assigned simple products with different prices to configurable product. Let's check them.

There are numerous product variations, but only green shoes have different prices. Checking the product at frontend. Selecting green color from drop-down.

Product price does not change, as we expected and remains the same.

Сhoosing another size of green... but no price changes again.

Why doesn't it work?

The thing is, in Magento price of simple products does not influence price of main configurable product. It can be done setting Magento super attribute price.

These are configurable attributes, basing on which variations are created. You are supposed to set markups or markdowns for necessary values.

Let's check product page now. Once we make the selection with green color, shoes price changes and acquires the value we have provided for this value.

To set price variations for multiple products you should specify markups or markdowns in the same way.

What if multiple products should be managed? How to bypass continuous page loads?

See how it's being done with Store Manager for Magento.

  1. Find necessary configurable product.
  2. Open "Associated Products" tab of the lower grid. You can see associated products and Magento super attributes here.
  3. Set price alterations without switching between tabs.

Download Store Manager for Magento

adjust configurable product price within seconds.

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