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How to Massively Update Magento Products [Video]

Some products in our catalog await updating. We will change 'weight', 'quantity' and add 'special price' to them

What is to be done via Magento Admin?

  1. Find a product listing and enable editing.
  2. Input 'Weight'
  3. Configure Special Price
  4. Update Quantity

Let's see changes at the storefront. Special price appeared.

Update each Magento product in the same way.

Need to update numerous products but this is a time-consuming procedure? Store Manager for Magento will help you out.

There are several sample products, we will update in bulk. We check some attributes (weight, quantity) in product grid and open each item to ensure that special price is assigned to none.

What are we doing now?

  1. We select these merchandise
  2. Launch Inventory Multi Editor (find corresponding option in the product context menu or on the toolbar)
  3. Now we input quantity for selected products and check 'Update' box next to it.
Magento bulk product update

Other details will be updated via Product Multi Editor.

  1. We change value for 'weight' attribute.
  2. We assign special price to selected merchandise. Special price in our case should be 15% less than actual product price. We build expression to ease this task - [ATTRIBUTE(PRICE)]*0.85
  3. Time frame, special price will be active within, should be determined.
Please, note. Products, modified with Multi Editors should belong to the same attribute set.

You can update any number of Magento products in this way, spending less time and inputting minimum efforts.

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