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Cross and Up-Selling: Worst Practices

magento cross-seling

Cross- and up-selling are widely-used technique to increase sales amount. It is effective? Just recollect how many times have you gone to a store or made a call with a specific purchasing idea in mind, but ended up spending more, for whatever reason? This is how Magento cross-selling works.

However, when this technique is deployed incorrectly, it can confuse buyers, delay sale cycles, and sometimes even scare away the client from making the order at all. So, there should be developed smart tactics that need to be carefully followed to bring conversion.

The procedure seems to be easy from the first sight, but actually if not well-thought, you might receive unpleasant outcomes. Here are some examples of Magento cross-sell misusage you should avoid.

1) Add Absolutely Unsuitable Product as Related

Products that naturally go together work better for cross sell, than some random goods linked. But in a rush and excitement to earn more via upsells, we add the first goods at hand or those we want to sell as soon as possible to move unwanted inventory. Please, mention, this practice might confuse customer.

If a customer were buying a blazer he has seen in a catalogue, suggesting a shirt and a tie makes sense. Suggesting garden tools will hardly bring positive results.

2) Add Cross-Sell Priced Dozen Times More Than Original Product

Despite the fact that people are motivated to buy, they still have a mental limit as to the amount they will dispense. Magento upsell works better when there’s only a small difference in price between the item that you’re suggesting your customers will purchase and the product they’re looking at.

The value of additional item offered should not increase the overall order by more than 25 per cent. Otherwise, it can be as effective as convincing someone who’s decided to buy Toyota to change mind for Porsche.

wrong cross-sells

3) Add as Related Products Out-of-Stock Goods

It just won’t be rewording to include low-inventory items, since even if the client decides to add them to cart and they are not available for delivery. This may bring you nothing, but client dissatisfaction. So, mind to timely update your goods’ stock.

4) Add to Cross or Up-Sells Too Many Entities

The rule “the more, the better” is not often good, especially when it comes to cross-sells. Never offer more than three cross-selling options to existing customers or new prospects. Too many options will definitely confuse buyers and extend sales cycles. Less is better, at least in this case.

5) Make High Involvement with Low Returnings

If doesn't give you results - you are obviously missing something. Re-consider strategies, double-check related products listings and change them if necessary. Not manually, but try to automate the process. Do not know how to do it? Use Store Manager for Magento and add related goods in seconds.

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By Maria Kvasnytska

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