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How to Set Sort Order for Your Magento Custom Options and Option Values

Magento custom options are very useful for providing additional options to indicate or select for particular product you sell.
Magento allows you to create products options of line-types and select-types. Options of line-kind have different input types, which basically consist of one line and you can add:
- field or area for client to indicate some text for you. This is useful if customer has some special requirements which he/she can indicate in this field;
- data, date&time or time - for you to select period and time for offered entity. It will be useful for time-sensitive items, for example tours for vacation;
- file type - enables your clients to load files for you, lets say when they want to offer their own print for T-Shirt if you sell clothing.
Multiple-choice Magento custom options are created to offer your clients choice among several options and allow store owner to offer product variations from one place instead of creating different products with different options. Depending on your needs you can use different option types and offer your clients the possibility to choose one or several alternatives.
You can add as many custom options of different types and with various values as you need.
Often merchants need to place some options and their values to the first positions to attract clients’ attention to this or that variant. Moreover, in case there are big sets of products, custom options are multiple and each option has a few values, it will be rather tedious to change positions manually. Thus, not seldomly storekeepers indicate that they need to do it massively.
It would be nice feature, but Magento itself, unfortunately does not include it. Basically, using it, it is even not possible to add custom products options in bulk, let alone the procedure of changing their position.
Store Manager for Magento “fills the gaps” of default admin and widens content management possibilities. With the application it is possible to modify sort order of custom options (in case you have a few of them) as well as option values that belong to definite option. This modification is possible by means of import procedure. For task carrying out, within the application there is convenient Custom Option Import/Export Wizard.
Let’s see how to change sort order for your options and option values.
First of all, you need to input options and values in the file to create them via import. In case they are already created at your store and you need to change the position of existing entities, export them.
Now you can sort out Magento custom options placing them in the order in which you want them to be applied.
For option sort order, indicate position in column of your file:
magento custom options
Do not worry if you see on the example that the values are doubled. These are for multiple select options, so they are basically one and the same option.

Option values position can be inputted/changed in column . Remember that you set position of option value within custom option. It is especially useful for multiple select options. That is why for one-string options you can leave blank space.

Now the file is ready. All you need to do is to import it for the changes to be applied. After it is finished, the mission is accomplished and you can check the results.
Exceed Magento possibilities! Import Magento custom options with their positions and with definite order of their values with Store Manager for Magento. More details find here:

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