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Associate Ready-Made Simple Products with Parent Magento Configurable Product

When you are working with Magento configurable products and need to provide the customer ability to select product variations from the drop-down, then to actually create those options for selection, you need to have unique combinations of simple products to be assigned to main configurable product.

Associated Products First or Parent Configurable?

Associated simple products can be either created before main product has been added or after it has been created.

We will review the case when you have sold variations of the same goods separately and now decided not to overload your store with basically variants of the same item with differentiating features.

If simple products were created previously to main Magento configurable product, naturally that they are not associated with it. This association can be established when opening edit configurable product from, in the tab “Associated products”. But in case you have lots of variations and bulks of configurable items to work with, there might emerge the need to massively associate simple products to corresponding configurable product. Unfortunately, Magento itself is not always good at this.

However, you shouldn’t worry, as there is Store Manager for Magento application using which it is possible to assign simple products in bulk.

Magento Configurable Products Import

Store Manager for Magento allows to perform Magento import of configurable and associated to it simple products in order to establish relations between them and link the goods. To accomplish the task you need to prepare your file. You need to make sure that for update to be applied you have included the following columns with fields filled with data:

- If both simple and configurable products already exist, you need SKU column for their identification.

- In the column “Configurable products” in front of main configurable product there should be listed SKUs of associated simple products. Multiple SKUs should divided by separator symbol you use in you file, for example comma or semicolon. This field allows to make correct relations between parent configurable and related simple entities.

- Associated simple products should be basically the variants of the same product, but differ in some parameters. This one or few parameter(s) is/are configurable attribute with values. For example, if you sell bags in different colors and materials, configurable attribute will be color and material. Values for these attributes will be let’s say - yellow, blue, green (for color) and cotton, leather and denim (for material).

Thus, in your Magento import file, you need to have column “Configurable products(attribute)” where you need to indicate parameter on the basis of which will be defined how the variations are different one from another. In our case, bags differ in color and material, so in that column, in front of main configurable product there should be indicated - color, material.

All associated products you add should share the same attributes. In case you add products with other attributes, that are not indicated in this columns, they will not be applied to product and won’t be visible at front-end.

Important note: You need to make sure that attributes (color and material) are configurable and have - Scope-Global, Input type - Drop-down and are assigned to configurable and simple products. Do not forget about attribute values. In case you will not indicate them, your drop-downs will be empty.

Basically, with Store Manager it is possible to make relations between existing main configurable and associated simple products having 3 fields only: SKU, Configurable product with associated SKUs and Configurable products(attribute) with configuring parameters. Further, Magento import wizard will guide you through the process. Here it is important to indicate correct delimiters, assign columns of file to database fields and select correct product identification and relation method.

If you have just started working with Magento configurable products and your associated simple goods are not created yet, you can automate this process and reduce the procedure to a few clicks only.

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By Maria Kvasnytska

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