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‘Aha!’ Moments Running Your Magento E-Shop or “If only I Knew that...”

Some people say the best way to enter ecommerce is just start Magento store shop and simply see where it leads to. Trial-and-error approach usually works in the way that you eventually say “Aha, now I see!” or “Ohhh, is it really working this way?” or “If only I knew that before actually doing it...” Such moments can either bring inspiration, creativity and innovation, providing you some new genious ideas or make you regret that you get down to this business.
For those who would like to learn from mistakes made by others, rather than their own and those who are interested in some valuable experience, we have prepared some ‘Aha! moments’ and things you should be acquainted with, before starting selling products.

Free Magento, is it really so?

Magento is advertized as mighty platform with lots of benefits and one of them is its free availability. This is definitely fantastic, since basically everyone can throw up Magento site. However, getting knee-deep in the situation you will notice that there are lots of things that you need to be implemented additionally, use extensions are often cost money, upgrade that might get failed, the absence of free support. Actually, general maintaining requires a pretty penny. There is good analogy: making use of free installation of Magento is like winning a Ferrari. From the first sight, it is a great luck, but other side of the coin is not so shiny: insurance, high fuel costs, service in case somethings goes down and needs repairing. So maintaining can be far too money-losing than purchase itself.

Making changes is effortless, hah?

Managing your catalog and entities brings you tons of ‘Aha!’ moments. You can either learn from them how the things work in Magento or suffer from the consequences of your actions, which can be really damaging. For example, you cannot remove system attributes, change some fields in database directly etc. Otherwise, you are under the risk of seeing your shop down.
Not to mention such things as Store views, visibility moments, etc.

Open-source Magento should better not be “opened”

Core Magento is like “Pandora box” for non-experts. One incorrect movement can break your Magento storeand make you re-install everything again. Though, the understanding of this usually comes when something has already gone wrong. So, working with Magento for the first time, make use of advice - stay away from Magento core.

Reindex, clear cache makes your site working better

It is required to reindex and clear cache as often as you can. Actually it should arrange everything at your site but there’s “BUT”, as always. In case your reindex or cache clearing crashes or goes wrong you will never know why is it so. Is it caused by developer, wrong module installation or incorrect upgrade. In some cases it is easier to reinstall everything from a new scratch, rather than find out what have caused the issue.

Your data are always safe if you have backup, but not until it comes to its restoring

In case you have some customizations or tons of modules and extensions installed, full restore of you previously-done backup may not work as expected and some important data might be lost. You should also pay attention to shopping cart version, since in case you restore backup of older version over new one. Database to be restored will change the structure of current database and your Magento store will go down.

No one cares about your store, unless there is a reason

In comparison to traditional shopping mall, online shopping is completely different. Ordinary store has a physical location. People can walk in, see and touch what you sell and interact with you as the owner or with your employees! This forms a strong sense of confidence in the customer’s mind. Online, however, there isn’t any of that!
Thus, to succeed online, you need to give your customers a reason to care about your store and make them buy from you instead of anywhere else. Here comes the variety of ‘Aha!’ moments related to marketing, SEO, promotion that you definitely need to take care about.

Finally, your experience with Magento can be more pleasant and you will exclaim ‘Aha! I didn’t expect that it was so easy!’ in case you try Store Manager for Magento to handle your data. The application not only makes your work with default functionality easier, but also enhances the possibilities of Magento itself allowing store owners to do more and in much more fast and approachable manner.
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