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How to Make Price of Magento Configurable Product Change When Attribute Combination is Selected?

Very often when you have already created Magento configurable product and assigned to it child simple products with selectable attributes, you discover that at the front-end when you view the product and try to select combination from drop-down, the price remains unchanged. But why? You have different prices for associated simple products and they are not applied and price stays the same. You try to check everything once again: attributes, options, simple product details and their prices, even get frustrated, but there is still no luck? Do not worry, you did everything correctly. It’s Magento itself.

In default Magento the price of associated simple products does not influence the price of main Magento configurable product. It denotes that you shouldn’t bother about setting specific prices for associated simple products, related to configurable if you not sell them separately. However, you may say, that you really need, let’s say the shirt of size Large and Red color to be more expensive than other combinations. What to do then?

In this case, Magento super attribute is needed solution.

What is Magento Super Attribute?

Magento super attribute is special option that is meant for setting price mark-ups or mark-downs in order for main configurable product’s price to be changed depending on the combination of selected. This section can be found in “Associated products” tab of configurable product edit form.

magento super attribute

Configuring Super Product Attributes

Setting super attributes you can modify attribute name or price for products variations. The Super product attributes box enables you to specify the Attribute Name that would be visible from client’s side. Basically, it is drop-down title. You can also set increasing for attribute option. You can set fixed value for price changes or use percentage.

The final price for configurable product will be calculated from its basic price with the account of value indicated for Magento super attribute.

For example, if the configurable product’s basic price is $120 and the price for red option is: “10” Percentage, than in case the client chooses this variation the total price will be changed to $132.

In case for mark-up was indicated “5” value, the total price will be $125. Basically, you can set price increasing for all options you have. In case you need some options to be of the same price as main configurable product, you can set value -0.

You have to remember that the price of the associated products is not used for calculation. Click the [Save] button when you are finished entering and editing information for your product.

Massively Setting Price Markups for Configurable Product (Superattribute Prices Import)

Magento back-office does not allow to import superattribute price mark-ups. Great news for users who would like to do this massively! Using Store Manager for Magento application (v.2.25.2 and higher) you can import supertattribute pricing, what is described in the post

Set price markups for configurable product variations massively using FREE version of Store Manager for Magento -

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By Maria Kvasnytska

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