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How To Setup A Cron Job In Magento to Schedule Products Import

Magento cron import

Сron job Magento users fall back upon is the task that allows to automate certain activities within online store and schedule commands to be running periodically and regularly at predefined time and date. It is good for the tasks that require to be executed every recurring period of time, for instance, notifying your customers, cleaning cache, updating inventory or synchronizing data with suppliers’ sites using Magento cron import. All of this requires special mechanisms to be accomplished, since Magento itself often does not include possibilities for the mentioned tasks to be activated automatically at set time interval.

The ways to set up cron import

The common way is to apply the code that will start commands. However, even if you find some script over the Internet, how you can be sure that it is not outdated and will be working properly at your web-site? Moreover, without the knowledge where to paste the code it is useless and can be even dangerous if applied incorrectly.

Less demanding and much more safe method of performing the task is using extensions with required functionality. Since, products upload and update is one of the most time-absorbing processes, store owners strive for making it mechanized. Today we will explain you how to perform Magento cron import using desktop applications, which are easy to install and configure. The solutions are - Store Manager for Magento and its addon Automated Product Import.

Magento automated import

You'll be able to:

- Synchronize your store information with supplier, making your inventory levels always actual and your item-base full of novelties appearing at the market.

- Set up updates from multiple providers, scheduled to different time (they shouldn’t be overlapping).

- Avoid issues, typos and muddled up product details which can occur inputting information manually.

- Do any additional modifications with the data provided by your supplier without manual editing. With special expression rules all the adjustments can be applied on-the-fly, directly while upload. The most often needed modification is adding mark-up to the original price provided by your supplier.

- Import images from supplier’s site without the necessity to previously download them to the folder - media/import at your server. The software handles import from remote URLs equally good as local images from your computer.

- Use cron job Magento Store Manager offers in absolutely approachable manner, since it does not require special knowledge of SQL or PHP.

- Decide when scheduled updates will start. Small tip: it is especially beneficial to indicate night hours as updates period, since at this time customers load is usually less and this way you will make sure that the process will not overload your server.

Wrap Up

The last, but not the least important moment that should be mentioned talking about Store Manager for Magento and Automated Product Import addon is that everyone can try their functionality free of change with fully-functional trial version -

Use 100% safe and undemanding method of carrying out automated Magento cron import and see the brighter side of Magento product update.

More details find here -

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