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How to Quickly Detect and Remove Unnecessary Magento Images?

It’s not to be called in question that Magento is feasible choice for strengthening your brand, widening clientele base and increasing overall revenue. Although, regardless of its unbeatable flexibility and functional superiority, Magento users oftentimes are nonplussed with inconveniences when running their stores, as Magento itself is somewhat complicated.

One of the most widespread issues, store proprietors face, concern Magento images management. Pictures are indispensable components of store catalog, as they form its visual part, so you constantly need to upload new images to database, change Magento products pictures or delete unnecessary ones. Removing pictures from Magento does not seem to be a complicated procedure, but frequently that is so.

The matter is that Magento products being deleted from store database, their images will still be stored in media/catalog/product folder at your FTP. Over time, media folder becomes overwhelmed with items you really do not need and no place is left for further data. Arises the question: “How to clear unused Magento images and free up resources?”

You can go to your FTP and browse images folders on purpose to uncover unused Magento images and easily remove them, what can take long time and not be effective. As a possible way out, you can look through forums and communities guides to find special scripts, using which you will delist required items. Although, it can be quite dangerous to use them, if you are not technically competent.

With Store Manager for Magento application you have more optimal and convenient instrument at your disposal. Its Store Diagnostics functionality allows in an instant uncover images that are not linked to any of Magento products. This medium looks through images folder, and comparing it to Magento database, represents you list of elements that do not refer to any of products your catalog contains.

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To start checking images with Store Diagnostics tool you need, first of all, to set up connection to your FTP. Go to Preferences -> FTP or use hotkey (F12) to derive the window where FTP settings should be specified.

Once the connection is established, switch to Tools section of Store Manager for Magento and press Store Diagnostics icon accessible on the toolbar. You will derive the window, divided into two parts. To the left the types of Store Diagnostics are available - you can choose between “Missing product images” and “Images that are not linked to any product options”. To derive Magento images that do not refer to any item check the box for the second one and press Run Diagnostics button to commence on the process. Progress bar appeared represents how far the operation has progressed.

Once the process has been completed, you derive the list of images not linked to any of Magento products in the grid. So, now you can easily remove unnecessary images and efficiently manage Magento server. Directly from this window you may go to products or clear images that are not being used any more.

Range of unused Magento images that occupy your server space may considerably affect the site and slow it down. It’s very important to opportunely find them out and remove from the image folder. Store Manager for Magento helps you out, offering workable Store Diagnostics for quick and accurate images management. Read related article on Store Diagnostics functionality -

By Maria Kvasnytska

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