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Effective Instrument for Mass Product Updates Is Always in Demand!

Commencing on Magento business, you have eventually to deal with abundance of products that change, go out of stock or get discontinued. That’s why detailed planning and permanent Magento catalog monitoring and administrating is obligatory. In its turn organized store catalog setting requires regular Magento product update undertaking.

Store Manager for Magento solution offers you Multi Editor utility, using which you have a possibility to implement modifications to plenty of products, be it Magento product quantity changing, stock management or Magento update price carrying out within short time.

Easy-to-use Multi Editor instrument includes two sections - Products Multi Editor and Inventory Multi Editor. Products Multi Editor has several tabs incorporated and allows to alter any product associated information - price, special price, description, status, etc. Magento inventory arranging will be flawlessly and carefully done thanks to Inventory Multi Editor functionality. Change status for selected products, update Magento product quantity, indicate minimum quantity of Magento items to be out of stock, etc within no time thanks to Multi Editor functional capabilities.
magento multi editor
What are main functional particularities of Multi Editor tool Magento users should be guided by?

  • Modifications required can be implemented either to one or multiple entities chosen from Magento list of products
  • Database backup option is available in Store Manager for Magento. Before commencing on Magento product update you can carry out database backup and recover information if some inaccuracies occurred
  • Products Multi Editor allows to modify Magento products from different store views you have
  • To accomplish Magento product update in a proficient way you can use expressions. Imagine you need to proceed with Magento update price - increase product price in 20%. Open expression editor window pressing corresponding button in the field and input the expression - [FIELD_VALUE]*1.2. Don’t forget to check “Update” box to derive price updates desired.
magento price markup

The logic of any alteration implementing is simple and approachable. For example, your task is to change status for products that refer to certain category. Go to the target category to derive necessary items (make sure “Show products from selected category” filter criterion is indicated). After this select all the entities disposed in this category and call Products Multi Editor pressing appropriate button on the product toolbar. After this change product status choosing necessary command from drop-down, check “Update” box and press Ok button to fulfil Magento product update operation.

Store Manager Multi editor tool is a spot-on instrument for maintaining actual Magento store catalog and opportune Magento product update carrying out. Read more on Multi Editor -

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