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What You Need to Keep Magento Simple Products Under Control

Magento store catalog is being grounded on different Magento product types, what allows store owners to accommodate abundance of items and offer wide product assortment online. All Magento products can be separated into two classes - one-component and complex products. Complex products can be defined as compound or one-to-many relationship product.

Defining Magento Simple Products

magento simple product
Magento simple products belong to the first type - one-component Magento items. Products of this type are elementary and are being used as constructive material for creating complex Magento elements. Although simple products might be independent and sold as separate items. Thus, giving a definition of Magento simple products, it should be pointed out that these are standalone, single configuration elements, characterized by SKU and certain inventory level.

Magento products of simple type, like items, belonging to other Magento product type require opportune and resultative administrating from store owners’ side. Store Manager for Magento software is a perfect medium for all Magento items management.

Creating Magento Simple Products

Store Manager application provides you with flexible mechanism of simple products creating. Replenishing database with new items is not a task at all. You can add a product manually via Store Manager “Edit Product Data” window, where product related info can be indicated from A to Z. On condition that you stand in need of adding vast amount of items to Magento database, you can give a try to efficient Magento import simple product tool, Store Manager is equipped with. Abundance of Magento simple products and product related records will be appended to database swimmingly.

Updating Magento Products ...

update magento simple products
Product update is an ordinary task for Magento store owners. Price, quantity, stock, etc should be constantly kept an eye on, as these values are unstable. Update necessary fields for one product via mentioned above “Edit Product Data” window. Use Mass Product Changer utility to bring modifications to multiple products at once - set price markups, increase or decrease product quantity, change stock within no time.
Magento simple product import is the most workable and fastest method of store content updating. You have a possibility to upload up to a million of items from one file.
Sometimes it happens that csv file, you are going to upload, does not embrace all fields necessary for Magento simple products renewing, what nonpluses store owners. With Store Manager import wizard missing fields do not present any difficulty, as necessary values can be added right in the course of data upload.
Moreover, Store Manager handles spotless products along with images upload. The import process being finished, you can uncover missing product images or photos, that are not linked to any Magento simple product thanks to convenient Store Diagnostics functionality.
Store Manager for Magento is viable choice for Magento simple products management. It significantly increases data upload effectiveness and overall store catalog arranging.

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