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Avoidable Magento Images Import Issues

Magento web store running is not always smooth and flawless, and can bring different obstacles to any Magento user, be it beginner or experienced one. It’s already had been proved that Magento import of images might be accompanied with different issues, what is inconvenient and troublesome for Magento store owners.
This article covers main Magento images upload issues and possible ways out, Magento users can make use of:

Magento images are duplicated after import to database

magento images
Imagine you uploaded data from file and noticed that some product related records were not appended to the store. While carrying out re-import from the same spreadsheet, you hope that data uploaded will be rewritten and missed records will be added. As a result Magento images are being doubled. Although there are more reasons for images duplication - incorrect image paths or similar names of images uploaded.
To make the situation clear and remove replicated Magento images, use Store Manager for Magento application. Rely upon Store Diagnostics facility to get the list of duplicated Magento images and remove them.

“Images” is not defined

Check csv file column, responsible for Magento images. If this column contains records, but you still get this error, it means csv file you are uploading is not in UTF-8 mode. Use OpenOffice to manage the file in UTF-8 mode to accurately upload images to Magento database.

How to upload numerous images to Magento database?

Very often store owners want to add extra details to Magento items adding multiple images to them. To efficiently upload multiple images to Magento items, list them in the corresponding column of the file and divide by separator (e.g semi-column).

“Image Does Not Exist” error

This mistake might be the result of incorrect Magento images placement. After the import process images should be disposed in media/import folder. Look through .csv file image fields to make sure there are no slashes.

Invalid image type

Magento foresees upload of ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’, ‘png’ image types only. If you have images in other formats, re-save pictures to one supported by Magento.

Impossible to upload remote Magento images

In case you have images placed remotely, you need first of all to download them to media/import folder, as default Magento import instrument does not handle remote Magento images upload. To ease the process of images from URLs import, you can use tools, that copes with it, like Store Manager for Magento software.

In such a way, online entrepreneurs should be acquainted with most widespread Magento import product images difficulties and means to overcome them in the easiest way possible, what will help them to create efficient Magento website imagery.

By Ira Svedovetska

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