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Magento Users Need... Quick Categories Import Tool

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If you are Magento store owner and purposefully aim at developing profitable eCommerce store, you need to constantly widen clientele circle, what can be attained by creating easy-to-navigate, relevant and clear web store content. For that reason, developing well-structured, multi-level category tree is an obligatory task. It requires you to have reliable Magento import of categories and products tool at your disposal.

Magento categories import plays the key role if Magento store owner has to do with efficient Magento categories and subcategories management. Especially urgent it is, when the number of Magento items, categories and subcategories is rapidly growing. To make the process of Magento categories import flawless and fast, you should resign it to Store Manager for Magento software.

What is at the bottom of Store Manager efficiency and workability? The toolkit, Store Manager is equipped with, includes import/export categories wizard, that represents set of steps, you have to complete to succeed in Magento categories import. Each window of the wizard includes helpful tips and prompts, so that Magento import outcomes won’t be messed up.

Magento import of categories effectiveness is defined not only by the import tool, but structure of the file you are going to upload. What points about import file should be taken into consideration?

  1. Required fields with necessary data should be included.
  2. Keep to appropriate file format. Even if you have got, for example, Excel file, you can easily convert it to csv format by means of “Save as” option.
  3. On condition that you need to update data, already disposed at the store, you can fall back upon the mechanism - export information to the file via Magento categories export wizard to csv file, implement needed alterations and perform Magento import of categories back to store database.

Magento categories import wizard helps Magento users pass over data upload mishaps, since they can control the process and check the data they upload at preview import steps.

preview magento categories import

Magento categories import outcomes can be influenced by the import method, you will specify. Sometimes you need to add new Magento categories to the store database only or only update already disposed at the store ones. You can differentiate between four import methods available, which allows to enrich store database with new Magento categories only, add new categories and modify existing ones, update only or just add new categories. You have to distinguish between “Just Add” and “Add Only” options - the first one foresees adding new categories without looking for existing ones. Thus, the application won’t look through placed at store categories and you can face categories duplicates issue. The second one will help you avoid data duplication and add only those categories which do not exist at database.

Store Manager application contributes a lot to creating neat Magento store catalog, being tooled with easy-to-use Magento import of categories utility. Read details on categories import - Magento - Import Categories

By Ira Svedovetska

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