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Don’t Miss a Single Detail While Proceeding with Magento Import!

Among all Store Manager for Magento options you can find advantageous Magento import which is exactly the one that moves your Magento store management to a higher step of its development ladder.

Muddled, at first sight, Magento bulk import will turn to come-at-able procedure while being performed with Store Manager for Magento application.

What is the scheme of Magento product import performed via this desktop application? First of all, you do not need deep technical skills and knowledge to complete it. Before starting the procedure be sure you have your .csv file prepared in which all the data are organized properly. Import/Export Wizard guidance will lighten Magento import of data, just follow each and every step heedfully.

To start the procedure of Magento product import, Import/Export Wizard should be started up. It can be done in 3 ways:

  • Import/Export button can be found in “Store” tab. Pressing it drop-down menu will appear, from which one should choose “Import/Export Products” option
  • by clicking on Import/Export button placed on toolbar of Products section
  • after right-click on chosen product or products, context menu will appear, where Magento import option can be found

Having called up Import/Export Wizard you must follow its every step for successful Magento product import fulfilling. Steps of data upload, described below might help you to get the better understanding of import procedure course.

  1. At the first step of Magento data upload you have to choose Import option. You can do BackUp of your store database as Magento product import is vast procedure which influences your Magento store content to a great extend.
  2. Next step requires from you to choose .csv file you want to be imported. You have to indicate local .csv file, or or HTTP or FTP link to it if you are going to import remote file. Also at the bottom of this window you can see the option “Load Settings”. If before you have already run import and saved its settings, then now you can use them avoiding reconfiguring.
  3. magento import file
  4. Press “Next” button and you will see Preview .csv file window.
  5. magento import preview
  6. On the fourth step of Magento import you have to choose appropriate delimiter and quote character for separating strings and columns of your .csv file. You can use default values or insert yours if needed. But in case you change them, remember values you have specified, because these are required for further data upload procedures. In this window you have also tick the box “Import Images” if you need to proceed with images upload.
  7. In the following window indicate store view to which you would like to upload products and images.
  8. magento import store view
  9. Now link .csv columns to database fields. If their names coincide you can use “Auto set” option. Press “Next” to go on.
  10. This step allows you to preview import and check whether settings were done correctly.
  11. Now choose import method to continue Magento product import. It depends on the actions you want to perform over your data - only add products, only modify, add and modify or just add.
  12. magento import options
  13. Last step of Magento import foresees upshots checking. Press “Finish” button to close the window.

With Store Manager for Magento the process of data updating is simple and accurate. Magento product import takes the first place among all methods of product update Be successful with Store Manager for Magento. Read details on Magento data import -

By Ira Svedovetska

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