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Why is Magento Import Overall?

It is doubtful whether any Magento store owner denies the fact that Magento bulk product upload is pledge of eCommerce store business success. Online store is not a static system, it grows and develops, increasing the variety of goods and, as a result, stands in need of instantaneous effect of Magento import process.
Why do Magento Import/Export operations make a valuable contribution to Magento store growth and what is their major role.
Everybody will agree that products handling is a regular everyday procedure. Have to update your store content daily? Suppliers overload with feeds creating routine boring tasks? How to sort it out? It’s not a way out to resort to manual tasks accomplishment. The data which feeds contain can be imported without extra headache and multiple operations.
Let’s skip over another situation. A store owner is opening several online shops with similar goods assortment. How to place, for example, 1000 products which already exist at one Magento store to that which are being prepared for opening. Magento Import/Export will lend a helping hand in such a situation. The algorithm of the procedure is evident - firstly we have to export information from the existing Magento store, after this - import to the store we need. That’s it! Quite simply!
What more is worth of mentioning? Magento foresees different product types existing (configurable, bundle, grouped, downloadable, etc.). If the store owner, mentioned above, imports these 1000 products of different types, products relation should be saved, otherwise Magento import process won’t bring desirable results.
Having generalized the points covered above, it should be said that Magento import from .csv is a helpful tool for:
  • data import and synchronization
  • suppliers feeds import
  • updating of existing products information
  • automated data import
  • data import from one Magento store to the other
Sometimes such operations can be tough and take long time. To simplify Magento import from .csv we recommend Store Manager for Magento.
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